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The capital of Uttarakhand is Dehradun. This city offers adventure, harmony and spiritualism. It is very proud of its rice and the fruit lichhi food products. Tourists mainly visit this famous Indian city for the food. It has developed immensely to rival the other modernized city of India.

The Forest Research Institute, the world's famous institute of forestry, is found here. Dehradun also houses other important industries. It offers exciting and adventurous activities to all tourists. Part of this is being treated to the many fairs and festivals celebrated throughout the year. Learn more about these in more detail here.

Jhanda Fair is held every year at Guru Ram Rai Dabar in Dehradun. This is a sacred memory of the Guru. The people use new Jhanda to be placed on the staff. These staff is located in the historic complex compound. Locals and other devotees from other parts of India converge here to celebrate this fair.

Tapakeshwar is a place in the Tons River. This place is considered legendary. Lord Shiva was the reigning deity during the ancient time. This place was then called the Deveshwara. During the Dwaparyuga, Guru Dronacharaya and his family lived in this place. The cave that they lived in was called the Drona Gufa. This was the birthplace of the famous Mahabharata heroes and the son of Guru Drona.

Guru Drona was then called Ashwathama. It will be many years later before it will acquire its modern name. It was believed that the Guru was so poor that he was not able to provide even a single drop of milk to his son. He cried out loud for milk because he had nothing to feed his son. The Guru advised his son to pray and the son did. Because of that, it is told that the Lord Shiva answered his prayers and gave him milk. It was given drop by drop.

The Lord Shiva appeared before the son of Guru and he was blessed. The son of Guru prayed in the name of Tapakeshwar, the name given to the place. This is a big fair on the Shivratri day.

Lakshman Siddha Fair is a local religious fair that happens every Sunday. The last Sunday of April has special significance this Sunday is the time when people offer obeisance to the Samadhi. The congregation reaches up to 25,000 people. Lakshman Siddha is a siddhpeeths around Dehradun.

The Bissu Fair is a reflection of the tradition and cultural heritage of the Jaunsari Tribe. It also marks the harvesting season and makes the people extremely happy during this time. This fair is held at Jhanda.

The Mahasu Devta Fair is held in Hanol every August. The deity of Mahasu Devta is taken into procession. There is a musical prayer held for three days and three nights. There is an offering material called the havan samagri arranged by the Indian government.

Shaheed Veer Kasri Chand Fair is also called the Chaktara Fair. This is a fair every navratas or April. This is abig fair held at Ramtal a beautiful natural [park. There is temple and memorial found in the spot. These are dedicated to the known freedom fighter of India which was Veer Kesri.

Joining these fairs is a very excellent way of immersing yourself to the Indian culture and traditions, and will give you one of your most memorable experiences in life.

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Dehradun's Fairs

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This article was published on 2010/04/03